This site is dedicated to the fourth edition of the pen and paper RPG called GURPS.


Hi and welcome to my GURPS dedicated webpage. I hope the resources that you find here will help you in your own GURPS games. You will find here files and articles relevant to GURPS 4th Edition. Happy Gaming !!!

- Collective Restraint


I've been toying with this idea for quite a while now. I'm tired of working on conversions, I want to work on something completely original. I would like to work on a project and handle it a similar way the Pathfinder RPG was created. I would like to create a fully-fledged fantasy RPG using the GURPS ruleset but without using the exact same guidelines used for official GURPS products (aka “Powered by GURPS”). You can find all the details on this project on the link called St-Valys (which is the project's codename). I am really looking forward getting plenty of comments and feedback on this project. Thanking you in advance...